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ACE(Tomori Kudo CHiCO) Lyrics

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so let's see
- E3 2017: The version available on the website has added guitars at 0:38 and 2:45
- Sound Selection CD: Has no extra guitar
- In-game: Uses the CD version
- The cutscene in T-Elos's Blade quest: Has the extra-guitar version
- Datamine of the song: Has the extra-guitar version, even though the CD version is used in-game
- Official OST: Has the extra-guitar version
What a weird song

Alex M.

Not only that, there are a couple of cutscenes in some other Blade Quests that use a whole other version — one with a much more prominent drum line that cuts out after a few seconds. I remember Sheba's Blade Quest had one, when she punted the Nopon.

Alex M.

Incoming! (4:05) (loop length: 3:48) — ACE
Battle track
4/4, 198BPM
D Minor (0:00); E Minor (3:23); D Minor (3:47)

This track plays in the following battles, and the cutscenes immediately prior:
-Malos on the Ancient Ship.
-Brighid in Torigoth.
-Mòrag on the Ardainian battleship.
-Malos and Akhos at the Olethro Ruins, phase 1.
-Mòrag in Alba Cavanich.
-Rosa in the abandoned factory, phase 2.
-Zeke at Ysheva Harbour.
-Malos at Balqors Ruins.
-Addam and Mythra in Lasaria.
-Olphen Jagron in Aletta.


This was one of the first pieces shown before the game came out, originally called 'Action Battle' (I am so glad they changed that name). It's got a few different versions which David documents elsewhere in the comments.
I’m actually not a fan of the start of this piece. The minor thirds and tritones in the strings feel a bit in-your-face when there’s only the electric guitar acting as the bass for accompaniment. But from there, it gets better, and oh how much better it gets. The melody, which seems to alternate between more dissonant, tense sections and consonant, lyrical passages (including what can be considered the main melody of the piece at 0:58), uses both ‘styles’ to great effect in combination with the instrumentation, where the harsher electric guitar and the (relatively) more mellow strings provide a similarly-well-applied contrast. Even the drum-and-bass solo at 1:55 feels almost like a continuation of the melody with a particularly harsh timbre. In doing so, it provides a good balance between dissonant and consonant, falling nicely in the happy medium between Those Who Stand Against Our Path on the one end and Battle!! on the other. And when it all comes together right at the end, after the softest part of the piece and a massive truck driver’s modulation, it truly feels like something worthy of the buildup, what with the drum kit and strings going all-out and the electric guitar going crazy in the background. Even the reverse-truck-driver modulation to complete the loop sounds hype riding on the coattails of that bit.

Andrew Sol

And one of the best tracks in the entire game

Iván Asenjo


Canal inexplicadamente

Amazing <3


Kind of odd seeing a xenoblade song uploaded this late... but don’t get me wrong I FREAKIN LOVE IT

Max Galactica

Well, no one else on YouTube has the complete soundtrack uploaded anymore, so I'm fixing that.

Andrew Sol


Iván Asenjo


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