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Cover Your Tracks
A Boy and His Kite Lyrics

Heart, cover your tracks
The blood that you spill will wash what you lack
Soul, sew up your wounds
Test out your engine. Give it some room

Mind, pick up your pace
Capture the thoughts you always chase
Soul, open your wings
Lift this cage higher than any dream

Cover your tracks
Sew up your wounds
Pick up your pace
Open your wings

Heart, flesh out your webs
The past that was tangled will unwrap and shed
Soul, sing out your songs
Clear out your throat. Belt it out strong

Cover your tracks
Sew up your wounds
Pick up your pace
Open your wings

Cover your tracks
Cover your tracks

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: DAVID WILTON

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Bella Cullen

Bella: I still hate surprises that hasn’t changed

Alice: your love this one

Alice: welcome home! we thought you guys might like a place of your own

Edward: what do you think?

Bella: I think it’s perfect....

Alice: go inside

Alice: have fun!

Edward: this is gonna be Renesmee’s room

Edward: closet....

Bella: wow.....

Edward: Alice stocked it for you

Bella: clearly....


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This song carried me through a lot of tough times in life. Thank you.

Maverick DJ

Me too honey, me too...

Laura. ♡

This brings back so many memories ! Breaking Dawn Part II !!

We'll Meet Again When Both Our Cars Collide

Haven't heard this song in years, since my sister stole my Breaking dawn part 2 CD haha

Emanuel Ban

this channel is a treasure


+Emanuel Ban and i just discovered this channel!

Erik Garcia

+Emanuel Ban That's right, a treasure that can cross frontiers.

Niall Horan G

Twilight ❤️🍃


Mostly Strings is one of the greatest YouTube channels ever.


Thanks Twilight for bringing me here :)

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