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A Life Once Lost Lyrics

I need a miracle to conquer this endeavor
The imagery of song to portray the routine of life
Maybe I'm neurotic or just wrong in general
Maybe I should concede and put out the fire

Can you feel roar festering desire in my thoughts?
I can promise you one thing;
I will haunt you till you die
I can promise you one thing;

I will hunt you till you die
In absence of your favor I would rather choose death
I'd prefer it would be executed only by you
No legacy,

Fall short of understanding
Maybe I should concede and put out the fire
I want you to bleed me of my misery
Drained bled dry;

Hung up for all to see

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Comments from YouTube:

Fargi Indra

One of the best bands people never heard of. They’re so underrated it hurts.

Brandon Bailey

Couldn’t agree more

vadermask//mass retaliation

I'm in Ypsilanti and these bands played every week at Mr Mug's, remember? WALLS OF JERICHO, THROWDOWN, 18 VISIONS, BLACK DALIA MURDER, POISON THE WELL, HYDE, FACEDOWN etc.. We had a blast!!

Andy Seabright

Criminally underrated.

Rob Mikels

I remember buying this CD at FYE when it came was at the counter, on clearance so I grabbed it. It wasn't what I was looking for at the time...but it grew on me and is definitely an underrated album. When Hunter came out, I remember I was starting a band with some kids and we were playing like Black Dahlia Murder stuff mixed with classic "metalcore" elements....damn I miss the mid 2000s metal scene in Michigan. I had buds in bands that toured and were signed and shit, they all loved Converge (I see your thumbnail), ETID, and other bands that were in that section of Metalcore ...wasn't my favorite stuff but I would go to shows of bands like Converge and the like. So much diversity among bands in that era.

Richard Potato a.k.a Dick Tater

Fuckin aint lyin my dude🤘

Comics Misexplained

We here in 2020 still jammin to this

Joe A

Still here in 2021. Will always be a banger. I'll be back next year too.

John Bunch

Can't believe I just fucking "discovered" them. I feel like Columbus without the genocide.

Yle Eckles

I first heard this on a sampler CD from ferret

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