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13 Angels Standing Guard 'round the Side of Your Bed
A Silver Mt. Zion Lyrics

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The Angel just chilling there like:

• Bites Za Dusto •

This is it. The light at the end of the tunnel. You expected something much more fancier, a tunnel of pure gold or vantablack bricks you’d have never seen in your life. But no. This is pure darkness. Your legs could just sink in at any time, if you weren’t careful enough. Much like throughout your life, you ever let yourself sink into the darkness below. But now, almost like you’ve forgotten yourself, it’s a distant vision from what used to be your life.

You look down. Your legs aren’t moving, but the light gets closer. Like instinctively, your soul is gliding, crawling towards this warm light. Only, it isn’t warm. The only feeling you feel is fear, fear of the unknown and fear of what’s yet to be.

The light blinds you, pierces through your eyes, filling you with what you’d describe a...sensation. A sensation of relief. Of serendipity. It feels as if this is your final destination. You haven’t come to terms with it, but you’re ready regardless. Almost like your spirit has accepted its fate, but your mind is conflicted.

A faint crying comes from the light. Not crying. A tune. A quiet hum, from an unearthly quartet. It reminds you faintly of what you’d describe as angels. A choir of angels. Despite this, it fills you with a small dread. The hum grows louder as you enter the light, your vision completely blinded from the luminosity. Your sense of dread is accompanied by a quiet peace in your soul. You’re not even conflicted. It’s like the two feelings were made for each other. A fear of crossing over, and a peace of mind that you’ve fulfilled your time on earth.

This is it.

And the world around you fades to black. All you hear is the terrifying but tranquil hum, sending you to sleep.


Osama bin Gur and On Laden or Osama bin Gunn (English USA'ma ben Kenobi, Japanese う - 様 ベ ン ヌ ラ デ ヌ, Arab. !! #?% ** ^ # * No., Hebrew. Benya Ladan) - a mythical character from the American mythology. Corresponds to the Russian Koschei. The final boss of the game "Soak World Terrorism", which was played by George W. Bush, but did not pass the first level "Take over the World".
The real UBL is a famous Hollywood actor, acting under the alias Ben Affleck and Mr. Bean. In 2001 he starred in the film "The Two Towers" as Saruman. According to the script of the film, four Arab pilots, having drunk a bottle of the Valery Chkalov cocktail, are arguing whether they can fly between the skyscraper cabins of the World Toilet Center. Subsequently, the film company "NATO-Film" filmed a sequel to this film called "Afghan-Taliban".
In 2007 he was elected president of Chechnya. It is assumed that in some year he will become the president of Russia (if Cthulhu gets fewer votes).

Killed allegedly in 2011, drowned in the Arabian Sea (twice). According to legend, he was previously the leader of the Al-Qaeda order of magicians, who, after his death, happily chose a new one.

Before his death, Osama bequeathed himself to clone. At the moment, on the planet Kamino, the local branch of al-Qaeda is raising an army of clones (numbering over 666 million) of bin Laden in order to enslave the world and destroy all the infidels.

Currently, Osama bin Laden lives in the Israeli town of Yitzhakovskoye, under the guise of Rabbi Beni Ladan, a secret from the rest of the world. It is also known that he is the secret leader of the top-secret Jewish terrorist group Al-Taqi-Da. The group's goals are unknown.
It is noteworthy that at the dawn of the formation of machine translators in 2003, Osama Bin Laden was translated into Russian as Osama Tray, which is loaded. Today auto-translators will answer that Osama Bin Laden is none other than Osama Bin Laden. The only question that remains is: thanks to what metamorphoses does O in English read like U in Russian?

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bong bing bing bong

everybody gangster until you pause it and the music doesn't stop...

lacks physical form

@Grand Hustle not with background play


@puddlycake they won't stop


bro don't even.........


Oh god


Oh fuck

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Soda Girl

Angels in art: Baby with wings

Juan Joya Borja.

Angels in games: low pitched synthesised screaming

rhubarb dude

Angels in the Bible: RAMIEL


@The Mighty Skeletor yeah but they’re a different type of angels to normal angels tho cus they’re babies? Or am I thinking of something else.

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