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Secret World
A Thousand Falls Lyrics

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A Touch Of Class Comets in the skies are shining Faster than the stars are…
Akanoid A land of crap surrounds a sea of dirt A world…
Akiyama Miki Daremo kizukanai fushigi na bashou Sore ga koko ni aru kimi…
ATC Comets in the skies are shining Faster than the stars are…
Desdemonia Swim against the tide Lost in my pride I run aimless blind…
Kara I'm just right beside you here isn't it Oh! Well, I…
Peter Gabriel I stood in this unsheltered place 'Til I could see the…
Ronan Hardiman This is a garden This is a steeple I hear the…
Show Of Hands I stood in this sunsheltered place ′Til I could see the…
Sweetune 나의 맘이 말을 하려 해 내 얘길 조금만 들어봐 이 세상 어디서든…
Tears for Fears This is a garden, this is a steeple I hear the…
The Northern Territories In your secret world Eternal light You say you feel best …

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Josh Washington

6:35 - Bodies will always be found in Niagara Falls. We have a homicide rate GREATER than Buffall. A crime rate GREATER than NYC. And a suicide rate that can topple the US. Niagara Falls was once a Mafia bed for illegal alcohol smuggling across the border.
Today, Niagara Falls is the Western NY's crime capital of drugs. We have had mayor's who had "planned house raids" daily, hitting over 1,000 houses in a year and arresting multiple people and letting them out after a few months of rehab.
Realistically, the crime in this city is further than just drugs, as one drug crime can quickly lead into:
1) Suicide via falls (many of my friends in my past...)
2) Killing and tossing into the river
3) Accidental OD by the river, and then washed down

Additionally, we have boaters, swimmers, and tourists all attempting to swim in incredible currents.
We have people attempting to best the rapids and get toppled under.
We have people "go in for a dip" and never return.
It's a "people" problem.

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TwiTchy WiTch

You could have included LOTS more! Like the creation of the Erie canal and how walking across the ice at the falls was a thing, as was ice skating & even carriage rides. vendor's and markets would spring up on the ice at the falls.

Anime crazy

I thought we were going to actually see what was behind the fall😂


Same lmao


It’s rocks and tunnels for “the journey behind the falls”

Adia Aud

“I should probably get some sleep”
Ridddle: “wanna know what’s behind a giant waterfall?”

Gloria Lerma

lol 😆 🤣 😂

Mike Mowery

Me currently lol

Mikes Micro Worlds

Quilty ✋ lol

David Sider-La France

thanks for doing such a great job! I live 15 minutes from the canadian falls, there is actually a tunnel that you buy tickets to, that allows you to walk under the falls, you can stand about 4 feet away from the actual falling water while underneath and behind the falls. you can truly understand it's power while looking into the falling water, while hearing, and feeling its roar.

Country_ Man 9470

I've heard of these tours before on T.V. .

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