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Electric Pow Wow Drum
A Tribe Called Red Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by A Tribe Called Red:

Alie Nation The Halluci Nation The human beings The people see the spiri…
BEFORE You have a collect call from an inmate at an…
Different Heroes awbfjgm b d nm b MN djxngjzfmdh c czhchmsfjsgagdhxhf HD…
Maima Koopi Maima Koopi Maima Koopi Maima Koopi Maima, Maima Koopi …
Northern Cree - Red Skin Girl (A Tribe Called Red Remix) Take a look just one more time beautiful smile beautiful eye…
R.E.D Chu ain't livin' by the G code What the fuck is…
R.E.D. Chu ain't livin' by the G code What the fuck is…
We Are the Halluci Nation We are the tribe that they cannot see We live on…

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Comments from YouTube:

Sir Karma

These war crys make the hair on my arms stand at attention


Same but idk why

nothin to read here

Same here!

Emily Dockstader

@Just Your Average Weeb yep

Just Your Average Weeb

​@Emily Dockstader We're all Ojibwe


That is your spirit waking up

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miguel Acosta

I'm a Meshica(Aztec)from Mexico, but I have alot of love for my brothers up North.

isaac cruz

Stfu u mestizo as fuck

Johnny Narlock

luv u 2 bro

Zeke Polaris

@Greg Salus What?

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