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Amanké Dionti
Ablaye Cissoko Volker Goetze Lyrics

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Anastasia Anastasia

Amanke Dionti can be translated to “She is Not Your Slave.” It addresses one of the least known but still very troubling societal issues facing the Senegalese people. Cissoko’s lyrics urge respect for the thousands of young women who are sent by their impoverished families in the remote areas to serve as maids for more affluent urban families. These young women hope to work in exchange for food, shelter, education and more money, but instead many are exploited and treated as nothing more than slaves.
Amanke Dionti was recorded in Bon Secours, a historic all wooden church in Paris that dates back to the mid-nineteenth century.
But you really don’t need to understand the lyrics to feel the beauty and soulfulness of the song.

MdeFatima Borges

I watched a documentary about Senegal and this composition was featured. So soulful; really appreciate the translation 🥰

Akosua Ford

Thank you for this.

Krista *

Wow thank you, I was already crying before I read this, so I guess they nailed it.

Toojolly _quan

Whats the language?



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Ending of Cuties, I almost cried

Kitten Witten

Also, you say no one's obliged to translate your comment, but apparently if they don't they are accused of living a dark life without curiosity... again, you have a way of taking leaps into accusations that are far fetched from the topic at hand.

Kitten Witten

Now you're trying to make this about intolerance. Don't assume that i must be an ignorant American who thinks English is the only language (I often criticize people who do that and think that way), but even if I was one of those people, that is not the specific issue here. The issue is joining a conversation, commenting in another language, and expecting people to your work for you by translating it.
And I would absolutely take your point about making a comment in Spanish for the Spanish speaking people here IF you had posted your comment on your own and started a conversation. Statistically, there are much fewer bilingual people, so it makes no sense for you to think a Spanish speaking person would click on an English comment, and scroll through all the English comments hoping to find a Spanish comment.
If you have a rebuttal, by all means, but let's not change the subject again and try accusing me of some prejudice you read into that wasn't there.

Luis López Solar de Buelna

@Kitten Witten, you may be right, but I wrote the comment thinking of Spanish speakers who would search for the video after watching the film, which by the way exposes a blatant and criminal apology in favor of pedophilia. Nobody is obliged to go to the trouble of translating the text. If you're curious, go ahead; if not, go your way. The English language is not the center of the universe, get over it and don't make a problem of it.

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