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Stop Sign
Abs Lyrics

She was banging
But lovin' was cold
Keep it up, it's going
To be a love TKO

Trying to find my direction
Instead of feeling the love
You break it all down into section

'Cause I want you baby
And I need you lady
Don't stop acting shady
Take a detour
I'm singing to you lady

What's the matter, don't
You love me (Tell me now)
Don't you really care now
(Care about you)
Oh, I'm about to lose
My mind with your stop sign

I didn't mean to get myself
So involved
Second time around back
Round we go
It feels right when I'm next to you
So why you gotta make me so blue

She's telling me
She's thinking that she
Needs another
Somebody that ain't gonna
Make her
Well lady I can be that
But your stop sign's not letting
You see that

Why won't you let me hold you
(Hold you tight)
In my warm embrace
(Sweet embrace)
Why won't you let my love shine
In your stop sign

Oh no check the flow
You ready with the base
Let's go
My sound abstract
Cut the loop and bring the
Beat back
Bounce to the hot new flavor
Turn up the high end on the
System fader
It ain't that I hate you
But I don't want to know
Yo, I'll see you later

Why won't you let me hold you
(Hold you tight)
In my warm embrace
(Sweet embrace)
Why won't you let my love shine

In your stop sign (I love you baby)
In your stop sign
(I need you baby)
In your stop sign
(I want you baby)


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Comments from YouTube:

Zak Metcalfe

If this was re-released today it would be No1 easy.

Lagy Bug

2020 and it still look so french &fancy 😍😍 why is this so underrated? Abz looks cool and hot as ALWAYS, and i also like his dance moves- he's the best 🔥🔥🔥

Melissa Wright

Abs was soooo hot back then. I love this song and the video is genius x

Adela Felix

Miss Perfect is my favorite, my niece NODESHA still performs in Los Angeles.

Adela Felix

Have you seen the video of him with Nodesha? She's my niece and she was so lucky to have done a music video with Abs.

Jessica netzer

K Carded It's alright. accidents happen.

Jessica netzer

K Carded responding to your message. Who is this?

Jessica netzer

who am I talking to?

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сергей крайнов

ABS Breen - unbelievably cool, this music will always be played.


Still enjoying this timeless piece #quarantine2020 #throwback

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