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Casting Couch Selection
Academy Of Thrift Lyrics

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Dead Hand

Tom and Andrew exchange confused looks
Tom: I have no idea what's going on.
Andrew: Is your back acting up again?
Tom: That doesn't explain the spinny thing he's doing with his hands. Are you trying to spin a web right now?
Andrew: What? How does..How does that spin a web?
Tom: I'm just saying.. Cuz of the organic web shooter thing. Like, is that your way of uh..You know.
Andrew: That's not how spiders work.
Tom: No, I know it's not how spiders work, I'm just saying like.. Maybe that's something he does.

The two continue debating while Tobey dances underneath the sunset.

Franko fam

Literally just seen the movie March 4th.. and I was able to do it without seeing A SINGLE spoiler!!
(I had to close my eyes anytime I seen something pop up) hahaha.. but I did it..

Wayyy to much crying and trying to make the end super sad... Sappy..

But then I also remember being my kid's age watching and growing up with Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man..
my kid didn't know who that was.. (didn't recognize Toby from the old movies)
Good stuff..
Venom post credit scene confused me.. emergency awesome. Awaayyyyy

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Belajar Saham

This dance responsible for millions of people joy and happiness


@『th k dzc ntf th m』 😳📸


@Ein Kwi Dein Kwi fax


@Snoop_dono 😂

Ein Kwi Dein Kwi

Tobey is the best Spiderman ever

I Want To Be a Billionaire

The guy your gf tells you not to worry about.

PS: I have a duck video, a chicken video, a video where i am begging for money on Twitter, a walking video... Also a patreon

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Pissed-off Kermit

If Tobey gets an Oscar he gotta walk down the aisle like this

Nalin Nawani

Should have gotten for "Brothers"

I'm a destiny 2 player


Parthsarthi Muranjan

@Ryn McKin just do it with the oscar

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