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Gaur Plains
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I never finished xenoblade
When I heard it I thought it was some odd bizzare and unique hidden gem.
I did not knew nor saw who made it
I always loved it and infact its one of the few things I do not want to get spoiled
I don't own any new consoles but I got so happy when I saw shulk
As I then realized that this series had so many people to know about it.
I love it so much

Also very specific
One of the character has the exact name as my mother's! And it's so odd for that to be especially for how different her name is!

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Videogames need more violins in their games


might i interest you in some fire emblem?

LimHX -

the world needs more violins in general, its a wonderful instrument

Gabriel Fernandes Pulice

Masashi Hamauzu also makes great use of violins in Final Fantasy XIV's OST.

Not a silver chariot

Fuck yeah me

the meow bot

Yes the violin makes it way better

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Doctor Minjinx

Who's ready to see Bionis and Mechonis again in 2020?



Jared Witte



It'll come on Nintendo switch

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