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Perchance to Thaw
Acid Rain Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Jess Waldura

I've been looking for this for years! I spent 1988 driving around Oakland with this in my tape deck. Never forgot it! Thank you!


thank you so much for uploading this! i have been looking for it for years! Huge fan of Idiot Flesh and SGM!


To each their own. I enjoy listening to both albums to this very day.

Drew Fitzsimmons

thanks for putting this out there. love idiot flesh.

Maxx Higgins

Damn, totally forgot I uploaded all this when I was like, 17. Definitely gonna put the rest of this album up once I get my computer going.

Danielle Etl CCHT

@Maxx Higgins For real. Chemical Marriage instantly changed me.

Maxx Higgins

Hahaha, I knew this moment would one day come! Seriously though, that album changed my life.

Tyler Hartman

Lol, nice profile picture!


i want these lyrics!!


i completely agree with chris on this one. acid raid/early idiot flesh had sooooo much more potential for amazing music than what they ended up doing, and this song is evidence of that. i LOVED tales, there was so much intricate melody intertwined in the music, and after that cd i feel they took a turn for the worse unfortunately. there is some sgm/idiot flesh afterwards that is decent but NOTHING even close to this genius.

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