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Adam Savage On Reason
Adam Savage (Resaon Rally) Lyrics

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Adam Savage’s Tested

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will knipe

There is a good chance that you might have had an encounter with a steam locomotive legend there in Australia 3801.

Wow, this is a really long Name i have here

And i mostly watch shows that have had one of the mythbusters in it like torys explosion one and that one on the island with richard hamond, then i watch your videos when I remember that you have a channel

Wow, this is a really long Name i have here

I loved mythbusters it was my favorite tv show


I love how Adam stops and thinks, then continues or changes/re-words his answers. People that do that really want their answers as accurate as they can be. Worth listening to.

Shay Morcormick

Just joined discovery plus and enjoying early mythbusters. I was shocked to see the dates for the pilot. Can't believe that was nearly 20 years ago today. I've always wondered if it wasn't mythbusters if Adam would have still become famous. I could have seen him as one of those very early youtuber craft channels.

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Gerald Grenier

Delegating busy work gives an opportunity for someone new to get their foot in the door

Danielle White

It's a little beside the point for obvious reasons but a situation I had early in my career was one in which I learned about the difference between "paying your dues" and being sidelined with only the grunt work. As the years went by and I never got to be part of any other with I realized the situation at play was that those tasks were all I would ever get to do and my career would not progress as long as I stayed there despite their claims to the contrary. The specific point where I realized it was when someone much less experience got promoted over me. It was a signal to me that it was time to move on and I found it rather telling that in both workplaces where I had that happen the response to me taking another position was rather negative and focused on "who are we going to find to do those menial tasks now?"

Altti Akujärvi

I do think that cleaning up used to be the main job of a young apprentice.

Leading Seaman Phil Billington

I’m doing this at my current job. I’m 25 and coworkers have stopped automatically treating me like the inexperienced young fella as I’ve become fairly good at what I do. Now I’m in the position of mentoring a young 18 year old who really is being looked down upon and wont be trusted to do anything remotely skilled by the old guys. By delegating my busy work (which requires perseverance, an eye for detail and problem solving skills) he is starting to gain professional respect and most of all value around the shed. That being said, everyone still needs to put in the hard yards and learn discipline and the basics karate kid style.

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