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On the Surface
Adamm Martin Lyrics

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Bettye Lavette On the surface everything seems right no one notices the…
Civil Twilight It was cold on the docks that night As a frozen…
Ephemera So you say you're willing to Break out and spend your…
Flawed Element I am the uncolored lost dream, a hope in your…
Pere Ubu I heard the radio sun Made the day like a beach Lost…
Peter Hammill On the surface phosphorus gleaming; deep down we carry on …
Rosanne Cash On the surface everything seems right no one notices the…
Ryan Amador On The Surface On the surface The new life is the same With…
Stemm She wears her scars on her sleeve In hopes that someone…
Valaska Well I survived the great rapture I got stuck here in…

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Comments from YouTube:


I used to play this game when I was 5, I'm 14 now and I found out what happened to this game (in the speed run with you and brotherhoodgaming) and I heard you say " I'm going to cry because that's the last time you see core Lara", and I was like wait what? So I searched and I found out what happened and how they where rushed and stuff and I felt like crying because this was my childhood and what bringed me in to gaming, I remember playing the starting level and walking around the Parisian backstreets and killing the dog... time has changed so much since then, tbh when I saw the reboot I didn't think it was a reboot, I thought it was before she became a badass and had the same storyline as Angel of darkness. I just wish core design would come back, I just wish I could rewind time and tell eidos to go fuck themself and wait til core design is finished with the game, so now when I hear the theme for AOD I start to tear up and it just reminds me of being 5, and starting up the game and falling in love with it... just imagine where tomb raider would be if eidos were not money hungry and let core finish the game. Maybe I wouldn't have depression.btw did you know there were Turkey and Germany levels that where scrapped along with dialogue and animations (probably because of eidos) Eidos should be disgusted of themselves.


Greenkey2 thanks for telling me greenkey2, that's so crazy that the first part was meant to be in Germany. It's so sad to see stuff like this happen to my childhood game and I will definitely read your novel, I always wanted to know what happened after angel of darkness. Great, now I'm starting to tear up again, just by talking about what happened to this game. It holds such a special place in my heart ❤️. It also sucks because I own a PS4 and there is no classic tomb raider just that other game which I will NEVER call tomb raider. Love from Australia 🇦🇺.

Jennifer Milward

Hi! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, DiehardTombraiderFan. Yes, it's very sad and unjust what happened between Eidos and Core Design; the studio's developers were suffering from severe burn-out, on top of impossible deadlines and demands of adapting to an entirely new console. You can read some really informative stuff about that time period here in Ars Technica's article: There's also a ton of fascinating information, interviews, and resources - especially about AoD - over at Tomb Of Ash. Yes! I did know about Murti's proposals for what the following games might include: in fact, AoD's first part was supposed to end in Germany (which is why Eckhardt's lab/Lost Domain seem a bit out of place aesthetically for beneath the Strahov - they should have been in Germany, beneath the Kriegler Fortress. I've become very good friends with Murti over the last few years, and it's tragic that his ideas were simply too big and richly-detailed for either the technology, or the wider gaming/publishing industry, to appreciate at the time. I'm currently writing a sequel novel(s) based on this novelisation version (and it's 'An Angel in The Darkness' prequel novella), and there are many other AoD-celebrations in the works. You're far from alone in loving this incarnation of Lara, and the unique story and atmosphere of AoD. Mucho thanks again for the feedback!

Inna V.

Will I ever stop fangirling over Adamm's impression of Kurtis??! Still cannot believe how it's possible to get 100% likeness! Badass skills level 10000! Drinking my delicious hazelnut coffee, drawing next a-Lara-a-day sketch and listening to this beauty. Best. Day. Ever.

As usual, the immersion is just insane! I only catch back with the world outside when the episode gets to the final credits! All the sound effects, music cues and noises are top-notch. Absolutely ADORE the way you created an impression of Chirugai (and it hit me just now what words it originates from, silly me :D) The Proto fight was phenomenal! It definitely made up for the ambition it had in-game which didn't get realized. Now I felt all the terror and grotesqueness of the encounter, felt all the creepiness with my skin and smelled the bloody mess it left behind. Painting with sounds and words was taken to a whole new level! Low bow to you, my dear, and your epic team! You guys are masterminds, love you! ♥

Jennifer Milward

Awww, thank you! I'm so pleased it's giving you so much pleasure and inspiration xxx I'll pass on your comments to Adamm; he absolutely must hear how much you love his work. (You can see why I wear a stupid grin whenever I'm working with his audio clips).

Alice Of Sherwood

Kurtis: Marvel fan
Lara: Trekkie and star wars

Result: a couple of dorks

Jennifer Milward

I so want to have them engage in a full-on nerd war 😂

Sweet Christabel

Had some catching up to do, so I'm a little late on this one! Another great episode. I love how you expand on Kurtis's character, particularly his powers and what they cost him energy-wise etc. It's interesting to think about the reality of it in terms of what we know of Lara's world. Adamm does a spectacular job capturing the Kurtis we know and love from the game :) (And sounds like he'd be able to manage a pretty awesome Solid Snake too!) The only issue I have (and it might just be my headphones) is that I found the chirugai quite hard to understand at times, although I love your characterisation of it.

Jennifer Milward

Thank you! Really appreciate the feedback :-D Adamm is incredible, isn't he? Also thanks for your notes on the Chirugai: I'll try and make it clearer in future episodes 👍 Hoping to launch episode 17 in the next few days, so stay tuned!