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A Celtic Lore
Adrian Von Ziegler Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Adrian Von Ziegler:

Dein Licht Tausend Jahre durch die Nacht haben mich zu dir gebracht. De…

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Indroneel Mukherjee

So truly amazing these pieces of music and poems!

I remember listening to these when I was pursuing undergrad studies few years back -
Now im back at these again..! While pursuing my masters now (and trying to hold on to my interests as the circumstances are clawing and trying to snatch them away from me).
What better abode to rejuvenate myself than Adrian's music?
So beautiful, so awe- inspiring, so soothing! - Now I need the emotional/moral strength more than ever and these brilliant compositions are my healing potions/spells (hah!)

Many thanks, Vielen Dank, Merci Beaucoup, Grazie molto
All the best to everyone on their unique and wonderful journeys!

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Wish this had a LOVE button instead of just like. So enchanting 👍☺️

Gizem Mezarcıöz


Amanda Bortoluso

Quem não gostou, ouve de novo, não deve ter ouvido direito! Música perfeita!

Adrian von Ziegler

Well, I have absolutely no interest in fame anyway, to have my own little group of people who enjoy what I do is perfect. =) But I do have to say that I think fame does not equal corruption of mind and heart in general. Many who become famous turn out that way and that's true, but I also know of people who got world-renown and always stayed true to who they are, who stayed humble and modest. And Bill Gates for example gives his billions to charity, BILLIONS!^^ So there is always hope. =)

Pepsi Man

at a certain point, wealth starts meaning very little. As in the difference between infinity and infinity times two


first time i listen and i wish to thank you for the magnificent music :)


Adrian, your songs are the best cure for my depression, thank you so much for your works, and you deserve fame

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When you listen to a song and after the first seconds you notice there's something goiing on, your eyes go O.O and your heart begins to beat fast... then you know it's a good song.

Nathan Chappell

You get that too? I suppose magic does exist! :D


The poems fits so well with the song, you get such a strong feeling that is flowing like a wave inside you *sigh* I'll never get tired of this. Thank you *bows* :)

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