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Crazy Now
Aerial East Lyrics

I filled up my life with you
You filled up your life with me
I filled up my summer with boys
The summer that you left me
I'm crazy now
I'm started smoking again
I tried out sleeping around
And when one boy didn't like me
I fell right back down
I'm crazy now
The season's changing
I'm getting tired
It's getting colder
Time to cover up
I'm gonna be alone this winter
With the songs i wrote
But nobody can cuddle with a note
I've pulled all the curtains closed
I filled up my fridge with food
I'm not going out tonight
I'm staying home in my room
I'm crazy now

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one of the kardeshiens brought me here.. ☁🌼




Yep kendall brought me here .




IantheXX013 same

a l l y s a borja

Love this song

Raymund Collada

here from Mimi💞

paulina lucia

this song is beautiful 🤍

Nunfeli Varte

This is so nostalgic 💟

Daina Kate


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