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Agalloch Lyrics

The texture of the soul is a liquid
that casts a vermillion flood.
From a wound carved as an oath;
it fills the river bank a sanguine fog.

These arms were meant to be lost!
Hacked, severed and forgotten.

The texture of time is a whisper
that echoes across the flood.
Its hymn resonates from tree to tree,
through every sullen bough it sings.

These boughs were said to be lost!
Torn, unearthed and broken.

Earth to flesh, flesh to wood,
cast these limbs into the water.
Flesh to wood, wood to stone,
cast this stone into the water.

Contributed by Josiah V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Hands of Cinderblock

So much emotion in that intro.

Akash Megaravallii

So much of emotions at the end

brian osters

So…. E-bowtion?

Brandon Tadday

The joys of an ebow



Sam M

Whole song is a masterpiece

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Man, that first nine minutes and fifty one seconds gets me every time.


The last nine minutes and fifty one seconds are just as good!

Cloud Forest

I agree.

Kain Nesse

It's a quintuple woosh.

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