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Auditorium of Modern Movements
Age of Silence Lyrics

This is the auditorium of modern movements
A breeding ground for light speed profit thinking
Where a biting shine exposes the possibilities of the flesh
And the direction of the green flow

This is the city of Soma an idea brought to life
And carefully designed by George Reed

Founding member of Modern Architects Deluxe
"Constructing a new world for speed, efficiency and streamlined income"

So you're climbing upwards through structures of metal and glass
Subconciously trying to reach the roof, but somehow there's always one more floor
It's a strange mixture of soft thinking and hard work
Or was it the other way around?
The ground for comparison was trampled a long time ago, so no one really knows anymore
Amidst this aimless craving for matter


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Comments from YouTube:


You can definitely tell this is Avant-garde metal! It is experimental, and its originality shows this. I loved the intro. The heavy drums/guitar contrasted greatly with the classical. I agree with Battossai3000. His voice is weird, but I enjoy it. All and all this was very unique. <3


AMAZING! They sound so unique!


The part after 1:38 is absolutely genius.

Girls on Cars

Man, that part is incredibly good! 1:50

I am Green

Someone needs to do a drum cover on this. It's definetly a sick one


never heard something similar, really and excellent band and very original

I am Green

Checked the whole album already?

alessio nessuno

i love this claustrophobic metal type


Really starting to appreciate this band lately - the thing that used to put me of were the vocals -not the fact that they are clean but I simply found the voice somewhat whiney (the same problem I have with SOME songs of arcturus and the main part of newer borknagar. I give music a few chances though and it has grown on me - now I find the vocals perfect; melancholic, soothing and in a way the 'glue' that binds sometimes frantic breaks and atmosphere bends into something more coherent.


Very strange start, but so good. Keyboards are great in this band.

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