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Agust D Feat. NiiHWA Lyrics

나이를 먹어가고
세상을 알아가네
그럼에도 세상을 모르는 게 더 약이었을까

불이 꺼진 방 안과는
전혀 다른 야경을 바라보며
낮게 읊즈린 말

점점 어른이 되나 봐 (봐)
기억이 안 나 (나)
내가 바란 것들은 무엇이었나
나 (나) 이제는 겁나 (나)
내 꿈의 파편들은 어디로 갔나

숨은 쉬는데
심장은 고장이 난 것 같은데
그래 이젠 말야 꿈을 쥐는 게
버겁기만 한 어른이 되는 게 어른이 되는데

Oh no, 스물이 되면 바뀔 줄 알았지
졸업을 하면 바뀔 줄 알았지
Shit 그렇게 렇게 서른이면
그래 그래서 나는 뭐가 바뀌었지

가끔씩 덜컥 이유 없이 눈물이 쏟아져
내가 바란 삶 내가 원한 삶 그저 그런 삶
뭐가 됐든 이젠 상관없지

하루라도 막 걱정 없이
하루라도 막 고민 없이
사는 게 사는 게 사는 게

점점 어른이 되나 봐 (봐)
기억이 안 나 (나)
내가 바란 것들은 무엇이었나
나 (나) 이제는 겁나 (나)
내 꿈의 파편들은 어디로 갔나

숨은 쉬는데 (숨은 쉬는데)
심장은 고장이 난 것 같은데 (난 것 같은데)
그래 이젠 말야 꿈을 쥐는 게
버겁기만 한 어른이 되는 게 (oh) 어른이 되는데 oh no

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Hee Soo Kang, Yi Jeong Jang, Yoon Gi Min

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


This song is sucha bop and honestly it's extremely meaningful and I know no one asked but this has got to be my favorite song on his whole entire album, their voices actually fit so perfectly together it gives me like Dean vibes or Jay Park and I am LIVING for it.

s t a n t a l e n t . . . .

All comments from YouTube:

Tonge Y

Nobody asked, but I AM IN LOVE WITH AGUST D. BYEE


Bestie we all are




me too



Min Yoongles

I'm too, bye

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May Ann

Never related to a song so much in my life before.
This is literally what its like being in your mid-20s. Theres like this phase when you dont know about yourself and your dreams anymore. Are you okay? Are you sad? Are you happy? Why are crying? What happened to yours dreams? What are you supposed to do?
Its overwhelming sometimes.

Mars 💞

@InterestingName Same I hate how mature I can be sometimes

Lara Carozzi

I'm just in my 20s, and though I'm still young, I unfortunately already lived through many things, and I find myself already in this part of my life, asking myself all these things, not knowing what to do, not being able to see my dreams anymore, feeling like all the paths in front of me have been closed. This is probably the song I relate the most on this album, even though yoongi is always able to talk about topics that I always feel close to my heart.


I know right? It’s just so exhausting sometimes especially young people including me things were easier when we kids

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