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Cold Water Music
Aim Lyrics


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Aaron Alvarez

My thought when I heard this for my first time:

When the light went off at mid night,
I woke up confused with a sore heart,
In my own thoughts I painted a picture,
The picture was Black with Red all over it,
I wanted to sell out,
Oh the lack of good friendship,
I wanted to repay and return the favor,
But in a Deep prayer The Lord said,
"Be Careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone."
Live at peace with everyone,
Do not take revenge,
But leave room for God's Wrath.

Well you can make any day the greatest day
Just visualize peace when you play this,
Thoughts that flow through my veins,
Down tempo heart beats that gives me the chills,
My heart is calm as I laid this,
Temptation lures, but my aim is pure.

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Fe L

My first memory of music was of me laying in my dad's arms while my mum cooked and this played in the background. I must have been around 3 years old and I will never forget it.

anton vykopal

@Aaron Alvarez Glad of it, perhaps it depends on the mood, everyone likes different, a few of them are bound to my specific life situation and I don't know if I liked them without that life experience, maybe a few other to add but I rather am not sure they belong to the completely same artistic experience - dedmau5 I remember, Built By Titan – Blind

Aaron Alvarez

@anton vykopal taking notes over here...


lucky you

Beat Supreme DJs

that's beautiful

TheDutchOne Deepchill music

😊 i whas 19 . This music must be very special for you!!!❤❤❤

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This is the theme from Psycho III


Actually, no. "Maureen in the Desert" is from Psycho III and sampled in Cold Water Music.


Was watching it tonight, it all clicked into place. Mother.....

Josh Kelly

still holds up as one of the greatest hiphop/downtempo albums of all time

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