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Revealed Secrets
Akashic Lyrics

There's no room for more lies
An empty space between us
And I'll show myself to you now
Show you my heart and my soul

Don't be afraid to ask me
I've got all this feelings locked inside me
I will show you how much I love you
Look at my eyes, come closer

I'll try to tell you
What I've never said before
I'll tell what's going on in my heart

Revealed secrets
Never spoken
I love your flesh and blood

I have always kept this secret
Afraid of scaring you away
I hope I can share all my dreams with you

I've never thought I could be this way
And open my heart and my soul
Reveal all my deepest secrets
Shout to the world that I love you

And just say something to me
I really want to hear your voice
Please talk to me
Reveal all your secrets
For you my love will last forever

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Comments from YouTube:


I did access akashic records, and that experience was the best experience i've had in my life. i remember i was filled with information in my mind. or more like i remembered again.. it felt like an endless moment and i remember it felt more real than this world. and i constantly felt "i'm safe, everything is as it should and everything will be and is GREAT" .. this feeling was the best feeling ive experienced since i was born. i had light/flashes rushing /"opening" in my mind at the same time.

Miss Bow / Life with Laura

SO glad you posted this, also I have hd the same experience, like a knowledge bomb that made me fall to the floor it was so powerful, at the same time my mind felt stretched both ways, past future, I came away from that understanding SO much about the universe, wisdom of sacred space and the only true path to spiritual development......thank you for sharing .

PS the DMT comment......have u ever met an enlightened tripper? They don't have the same experience as a natural spiritual connection unfortunately, Terrance McKenna was an absolute one off because he actually read the spiritual text alongside his trips......I'd suggest to anybody seeking DO NOT use substances, you will create a loophole in your mind that constantly wants to get back to that high and could disregard genuine experience in the process. 💖


@barbadian x i'm guessing DMT

Millenial Picasso

I'm naturally in tuned, I get downloads here and there but it's random and not what I'm always looking for.

Fact Matters

Interesting....I read the book of the Kybalion that SOURCE, THE ALL was in a meditated state while creating different mental worlds. Just a thought.


@barbadian x i meditated for few months. and especially in this phase of my life i had this 'hunger' to know the meaning of life. still do, but that time was more intense somehow. there was no drugs involved btw. you can access this without that. i would never take something to find out the meaning of life...

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Shaquoya G

If I had watched this on Tv as a child at night I would have been soooo Scared 😱😂.. but now I’m learning .

Archana D. Jadhav

Thank you for sharing this video. So well put. Judge Not! Resist Not! Fear Not!

Big Red

Very interesting. When discussing the soul, l have never got the impression that my soul belongs to me at least the physical me. Lately l have heard or learned from different sources including true Torah Jews that the body is really just a place for the soul to be kept safe on a planet that is condusive to life vessels. Another source has lead me to believe the only reason we have bodies is to keep the souls of other entities in the galaxy safe, from damage. That the souls are taken away and rehoused when the body wears out. Others have said that the rapture is the harvesting of those souls, but only from the purest humans and these will always be children. Indeed the chikdren that are taken are already known, because the souls in them are known in advance. Others have speculated the soul harvesting or rehousing occurs continuously and it is always from children, because cchildren have not reached puberty and succumbed to the demands of the sexual body. It is strange to think about the idea of some outside force entity or presence, claiming souls continuosly, because a brief look at the number of children that go missing each year is mind boggling. So why do they disappear? It can't be something horrible surely? To stop souls being reunited with another bodily vessel? The Jewish people leave bodies of the deceased out for 7 days before burial to ensure the soul has departed the physical body before going into the ground. All very mysterious. I wonder what the Akashic record has to say on such matters.

Igor Epshteyn


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