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Get Buck In Here
Akon Ft. Diddy Ludacris & Lil Jon Lyrics

[Intro - Akon (P.Diddy) {Ludacris}]
It's that incredible sh-- (Talk to 'em)
There's too many beautiful ladies in this house tonight, Felli
I think we need to hit em off something proper, son {Okay... whoo!}
(They call me Diddy, DJ Felli Fel!)
Testing, one, two, three (Testing, one, two, three
Hey, listen to me, listen, hey)

[Verse One - P.Diddy]
It's tricky, I'm picky, baby, but I just spotted you
Doing your thing, G-string, shoe string point of view
Lend me your body, you got me in a zone
Bet a million in a half cash i can make you explode
You don't wanna brave the cold, you wanna Diddy Combs
I can take you on outer limits away from home
(?) ..... (?)
In the middle of the club doin' a rodeo show
The hoes seem skeemy, wet dreamy
Emphasism obsessed gleemy
(Incredible sex) You need me
You can ease me, please me baby
I maybe am little crazy but in a way...

[Hook - Akon (DJ Felli Fel)]
Don't make me get buck in here!
Shawty drop it to the ground like she ain't got manners
Too much booty for one man to handle
But all I need is a one night scandal
And I'ma get buck in here!
Damn, lil mama, know you fit my standards
You the type to make me grip that handle
Lick shots in the air, bustin' that grandam
(While you make it clap clap clap clap clap
You gotta shake that thang, shake that thang
While you make it clap clap clap clap clap
Just shake that thang, shake that thang)

[Verse Two - Ludacris]
She can make it clap like a standing OVATION
Spin like my record at your radio STATION
Feel the SENSATION, I put it right there
They be like "Luda!", I be like "Y-yeah!",
You like it like that, don't ya baby
The flow's insane, and the stroke is crazy
I stroke so good, like Tiger Woods
And i RAWR, like a tiger would
My livelihood is not Hollywood
I'm still Southside Atlanta, that's a lively hood
A circus, big top, like Ringling Brothers
If you wanna learn something, bring your mothers
Sit back and observe, invite some friends
We can mix it all up, like juice and gin
Felli on the cell-y with a couple of twins
Cause tonight, damn right, we gonna do it again


[P.Diddy] Aiyyo, Felli let me one more time

[Verse Three - P.Diddy]
Listen, women, lace them, G-force jets, fly 'em
Twisted, crooked, cell phone numbers, probably
Flip em change em, prissy and bouji, the hood (?)
Game of taste em, trissy's I'm runnin' em good (?)
Leather or silk, I melt them all
Love em, leave em, give em hell for sure
Tell them words they minds and souls deserve
Or give them things they might prefer
Sandrio pan, mandarin sweet massage oil
Pimp, gamein', grants, and benz' i tried em
Used to style em, now just virgin island
Kamasutra freaky...

[Hook - Up to "grandam"]

[Outro - Lil Jon]
Hold up, fuck that shit, fuck that shit! (yoyoyoyoyoyoyo...)
It's your boy, Lil Jon! (YEAH!)
Time to take this mothafucker to another level! (Let's go!)

Get your mothafucking hands up!
Get your mothafucking hands up!
Throw your mothafucking drinks up!
Throw your mothafucking drinks up!

Now get buck in this bitch!
Get buck in this bitch!
Get buck in this bitch!
Get buck in this bitch!
Get crunk in this bitch!
Get crunk in this bitch!
Get crunk in this bitch!
Get crunk in this bitch!

[P.Diddy] Aiyyo, Felli, you a fool for that one. HA

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Spokybone Luigi

This incredble love:
You wondered sex
Neva rex so you can rex
Up in the club like clubber
Always drinkin no unlover
Being a hate a sober
You know they cute in the panties' clubber
Always perfect for 'em so lovers be trickin ya
But no aint love mater except for that lala
Come clubb wit us
True joina would to drink ; to cocaine and esctasty friendshippin' trust
Always got the feelin they william being unsober wanting to be drunk so he perfect
But sometimes everyone wants a xerfect..

True art comes from the heart so be sensitive
But noonebody wants to be hearted
No one wants to be satisfied in the obessive
So be smarted and pearted

True inspiringer would be the king
But no onebody naw just naw
Too much trouble but wit you it gets the unpain
Aw you aintun a aw
Pain would just go away
Obtain now, have a say say
Uouo uouo you the jamaican asian of queenz
Keen, shreenz
Come on now munette
Neva ette down in the lit


All comments from YouTube:

Bechir Haj slama

2021 this shit is still a good thing to hear 🤤

Sauri Sauron

@Andrea Cassone 2099 , im dead and this still bang hard as hell

Andrea Cassone

2030 this shit is still good


This beat was ahead of it's time 🔥🔥


Nah Fr

Kylen Thaver

We don't forget bangers like these 👏🏼

Matthew Conway

Take me back to sophomore year in HS! Back when hip hop was the shit! We need more music like this today.

Bailey Welch

I remember hearing this song on the radio when i was 12. Hearing it 10 years later is pretty nostalgic. I feel old now ):


I love how clean this video is nobody shaking their ass in our face lol. Bad ass song!!!!

johns hogskins

Lmao you hear lyrics. Pretty damn dirty.

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