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Alamaailman Vasarat Lyrics

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Harro Grönberg

Requiescat in pace, Jarno Sarkula.


I just can not understand why this has so few views. My mind boggles when it comes to peoples' taste in music. It's like the world is stuck in a mediocre mainstream hell.
Anyhoo, I'm happy I discovered them. It certainly makes my day a bit better knowing bands like this exist.


@saveusbloodymess Yes!!! This guy gets it


@saveusbloodymess great comment! I think of Alamaailman Vasarat as a kind of movie score, like Ennio Morricone or what have u


I honestly think now is the greatest time for music ever.
Yes, the main stream is mediocre at best, but Alamaailman Vasarat has 10s of thousands of views on every video. When could a Finnish heavy-Kelyzmer band get so many listeners 10 or more years ago? Diablo Swing Orchestra has millions of views on their videos-you think that when Stairway To Heaven was the most played song on the radio, a Swedish swing-metal band with opera as lead vocals(before we even consider the dubstep parts and bedlam sticks), could ever get anything near this?

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. We live in amazing time, where artist can make their own music, knowing that the people who want it will get to the people who want it., and so we have fantastic diversity, with amazing bands that until recent years would have no chance to hear about, if they would even bother making this music.


@yuuko aioi Oh, I know why, I just don't understand it. ;)

yuuko aioi

+Bassen_Hjertelos there's lots of music which doesn't get much exposure which is one reason
but some people just don't listen to any music besides pop or 'club' music.. i don't really know why but maybe it's just because of the lyrics type of thing with that type of music. while this type of music is more focused on the actual 'music' of it, pop/club music is more for 'feel good' lyrics and 'catchy/cheesy' synths which is probably why since a lot of people like that just listen to the 'feel good' type music. main thing I hate about club/pop music is how they don't have much variety and use those some cheesy synths and buildups etc... but then again if you listen to genres like new age, jazz or 'experimental' music it can sound a lot the same too.

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Евгений Шашкин

Потрясающе... Молодцы, ребята!


THese guys are just BRILLIANT!!! I discovered them yesterday and.. I can't stop listening & watching =D


ENORME, c'est juste énorme ! Un style atypique qui n'est pas sans rappeler Magma par certains aspects. J'adore ! Et les dieux savent si je suis avare en commentaires (qu'ils soient bons ou mauvais).

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