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Alan Braxe Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Alan Braxe:

Lumberjack Eyeballs float in wet green grass I got a chainsaw motor…
Music Sounds Better with You Oh baby I feel like The music sounds better with you Love m…

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Comments from YouTube:


Finally. Got it. Just caught it in the local supermarket (why?), shazam'd it to get the title. Over Twenty years ago, I recorded this on tape with my fisher-price cassette player, using the mic to capture live radio. Since then, no way to get it back... until today :)


@change_profile_n I was that manager in my store. Crazy shit happened and I was ultimately able to meet Justice because of it


This story is epic.

Antonella Gagliardi

Same! I was in the supermarket a few mins ago and suddenly this came on. I didn't want to leave but just dance 😍


Finally found it today after hearing The Jets,the memory of this song revived and a place to start looking. Found it via Arthur Reynolds 'Something Strange '


@Tyler Walker That's so awesome! (I had that part stuck in my head for 2 days and it didn't even get annoying) that's what's amazing about this song.. there are a few great things about this song but... you know what I mean.

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I wish people still made music like this

why parceti

check out airbird and napolian - mr foolish

Alex Alex

you might find some gems when digging in lofi house music which is booming for a few years


I made one like it

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