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Forrest Gump Suite
Alan Silvestri Lyrics


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This music is powerful in its way of describing life.... sadness, hope, success, innocence, compassion, loyalty, sacrifice, and so many other human emotions. Keep writing music...


It's amazing when it touches you like that , feel blessed my friend not everyone feels like that . ( I do as well )

Harrison Melegari

braunzie2 deep

Holladay Cummings

Feeling safe in a hug when I hear these songs, touches my heart and makes me believe there IS something to hope & strive for....keep on believing in the betterment of good, there is with faith, good comes & bitter times. The bitter results in a combination which will result in something beyond comprehension, love each other with every fiber of your being, I believe in US ALL EVERYWHERE.


This piece of music sounds so hopeful!

Vegeta Solo

Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get

Look to Heaven for your Salvation draweth nigh.

One of the Best movies of all time, accompanied by one of the best soundtracks of all time. Favorite scenes; Lt. Dan defending Forrest's honor (whatever happened to camaraderie these days). Lt. Dan thanking Forrest and making his peace with God - Followed with Jennie saying "wish I could've been there with you." Forest telling her "you were". Scenes perfected by Silvestri's genius. Theme: God defends the meek of the earth.

Antoine conroy

Who knew that such a story could deliver so much heartfelt emotion and beautiful music.

David Stanghellini

One of my favorite themes. Listen to it all the time when studying.

D.B. Cooper

"Life Is like a box of chocolates Forrest, you never know what your gonna get"
Mrs Gump

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