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Drowning at the Bottom
Albert Castiglia Lyrics

I walked through the door babe
I see you doing doing the same old thing
You got the nerve to ask the children ask the children to pour you A drink
I began to wonder
Do you ever stop and think
Baby please don't make me ask you
If I could see you drowning at the bottom of that glass
I tried so many times to tell you
But my please been bad
It's not easy for the children
Your whole family feels the pain

Look at me baby
Look deeply look deeply in my eyes
See the tears running down my face
I know it's hard for you to realize
When it's all said and done
You're still gonna keep on drinking
You're children will only remember about the hole they dug in the Ground

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Comments from YouTube:

Fernando Trivago

that's insane man,i'm goin crazy!

Pete Dazer

Pure emotion! Doesn’t pay attention to staying in scales or any of that clinical crap, just cranks the Paul and lets er rip! Just excellent!

Baldy Dude

The devil heard this les paul and begged for forgiveness!

Raymond Seymour

Heard this guy on the Blues channel one night had to find out who this guy is, he’s good, hope I get to see him live one day

David Vallone

Very impressive!!!! The man can bring it!!!!

Joseph Hershberger

Albert is a BADDD Man!

Kathy Leleux

Damm owesome.

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