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The Pentagram
Aleister Crowley Lyrics

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Gehenna [Music by Sarcana,Sanrabb and Svartalv] [Lyrics by Dolgar a…
Tiamat In the years of the primal course, In the dawn of…

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La Gitana Your hair was full of roses in the dewfall as…
The Poet Bury me in a nameless grave! I came from God…

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Comments from YouTube:

Patrick O,Neil

I really mean every word that I have written.I can think of no better vocation for you than to read the most beautiful poems that mankind has written.And I think that a voice sometimes is more of a window into the soul than the face.You must be a incredible person.Ive been to many countrys and have had interesting and unusual experiences.So my opinion comes from a person who has seen the most beautiful and most ugly aspects of life. Live long and prosper Dear Lady

Cameron Johnson

That voice is angelic!

Pedro Torres

Beautiful voice and accent.. great job!

Pearls Of Wisdom

WOW!!! this is best thing ever said :))..that is so sweet of u..Thanks a lot William..Keep watching our channel and do check out our new videos..

SZαbיin 777 ת. Love ॐ {METzATRONik Wαy Ω קכח}

♭ Powerfull.. he's got a great way with words, great Poët, heArtist, Lover, Musician , ,♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ so few even try to deeply comprehend.. ♭

Andrew Biggins

Beautiful, and beautifully read

Luce Nero

Beautifully and well written I couldn't have done better myself. This is truly one of his greatest works.

Patrick O,Neil

You not only have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.Your voice is more beautiful than the sound of the waves crashing upon the rocks,the sound of birds singing at the break of dawn.and of any singer I have ever heard.

Lorenzo Hernandez


Cody McBride

please,more from Crowley.

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