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It's a Gas
Alfred E. Neuman Lyrics

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The James Brown Dancers (Bobby asks:) What you gonna play now? (James Brown says…
The Wedding Present The sun's already rising I guess that's not surprising Bec…
Tie-Dye Quartet Well today I got this feeling and I know it's…

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Comments from YouTube:

Darth Rageous

THE ACTUAL YEAR this came out was in a 1963 issue of MAD Magazine as a very thin plastic 7-inch record, attributed to Alfred E. Neuman and the Furshlugginer Five.

Nancy Wilson

Personally, I think it was put out later but don't know when it was recorded and may have been put out before the one I got. I had ONE Mad from 1963 - the one with Fidel Castro lighting a cigar with Alfred E holding his ears on the cigar band, and then every Mad from 1964 until I was in college in 1972. I thought it was later, although it sounds early '60's or even late 50's. Not cheap!


@A Bit of Thought someone posted it on here, the disco version.

Leandro Correia

@Darth Rageous Thanks!

Darth Rageous

@Leandro Correia NO. it was just a flat piece of cardboard with the plastic portion of the recorded song imprinted on one aside only.

Leandro Correia

Did it have another song on the other side?

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Kenneth Lee

A reclaimed memory from my youth. My parents thought this was hilarious.

Joe Russo

Awesome! This takes me back when things were simpler! Thanks!


Yep. I remember the 70's & Mad magazine quite fondly


The Dr. Demento Show brought me here: Sunday nights on KMET 94.7 F.M.

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