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Ali Farka Touré Lyrics

J'ai quitte' mon pays et ma Louisiane
Mais dans d'autres pays, adieu Savane
J'ai trouve' le me'tro n'est pas un petit boulot Mais je suis, je suis un ne'gre
J'ai quitte' un ami et ma Lousiane
Mais dans d'autres pays, adieu Savane.
Au lieu de nous donner non seulement des bombes
Donnez nous des moto-pompes, pour qu'on puisse quand meme subvenir a' nos besoins naturels Pour trouver la vie et le savoir et la sagesse.

Writer(s): ALI TOURE

Contributed by Anna S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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0:00 "Erdi
4:43 "Yer Bounda Fara"
9:01 "Beto"
13:50 "Savane"
21:34 "Soya"
26:13 "Penda Yoro"
31:38 "Machengoidi"
35:13 "Ledi Coumbe"
38:30 "Hanana"
41:04 "Soko Yhinka"
46:10 "Gambari Didi"
50:00 "Banga"
53:48 "N'Jarou"

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Ron Simar

Just discovered this in July 2020 at age 73. Never too late to discover such beautiful music.

Anas Ouknine

Never too late man , and you are so lucky to discover it , Ali is a legend

Seek Pratik

I am 28.

Jorge Nery Figueroa

Just like me... wonderful music

chewing mouse


Vasile Gavrilan

try talking timbuktu album

Fowomola Hakeem

Im a Nigerian and i love Ali Farka Toure. This album is one of the best of all time

Loran Bürüç

Yeeah i agree

Bluff Em'

I found this album in a discount bin at a market in Pordenone Italy in 2007. It changed my perspective on music

Bluff Em'

@JR Yongue thanks!!

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