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Colour to the Moon
Allan Taylor Lyrics

You were just another sideshow
in a back-street carnival
I was walking the high wire
and trying not to fall
Just another way of getting through
anyone would do, but it was you
You were just another sideshow
and I was trying not to fall
Ah but you were tender
as soft as a summer wind
Someone to remember
when the cold closes in
You were colour to the moon
you were flowers come to bloom
with sweet perfume
And you were tender
as soft a summer wind
I've seen the dark-side
when I'm trying to find the light
Seen the shadows fade away
on the wrong side of night
Heard a song coming through
and when I'm looking for you, I sing blue
Too long on the dark-side
trying to find the light
You were just another sideshow
and I was trying not to fall
trying not to fall...

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Noe Valencia Barrera

Allan Taylor - Color de la luna
Eras solo otro espectáculo secundario
en un carnaval callejero.
Estaba caminando por la cuerda floja
y tratando de no caer.
Solo otra forma de pasar
cualquiera lo haría, pero eras tú.

Eras solo otro espectáculo secundario
y estaba tratando de no caer.
Ah pero eras tierno
como suave viento de verano.
Alguien para recordar
cuando el frío se cierra.

Eras el color de la luna.
eras flores que llegaron a florecer
con dulce perfume.
Y eras tierno como el suave viento de verano.

He visto el lado oscuro
cuando trato de encontrar la luz.
Visto las sombras desvanecerse
en el lado equivocado de la noche.
Escuché una canción llegando
y cuando te buscaba, canto azul.
Demasiado tiempo en el lado oscuro
tratando de encontrar la luz.

Eras solo otro espectáculo secundario y
Estaba tratando de no caer, tratando de no caer.

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Fedor Tkalich

как хочется хорошую акустику

HeaDSOT 77

На JBL FLiP 5 топово звучить эта песня

S kabay

Allan Taylor (born on 30 September 1945 in Brighton, England is a singer-songwriter who has written and performed music around the world for over 50 years. Allan's style of music is described in his biography [1]: His songs are written from a lifetime of travelling; always the observer passing through, each song is a vignette of life, like a story told over a drink in a bar. He writes his songs in cafes, bars and hotel rooms throughout the world, songs for the lost and lonely, for the unsung heroes of life, for those marginalized by society – they all find a place in his songs. Each song has an integrity that tells you it comes from something real; characters come to life as people you know and places become as familiar as if you had been there.

jose salazar ayala

This song and " Long after you're gone" always come together. Beautiful songs.


Accidentally came over this song, blown away. Best song ive heard in years.

Strangely Repulsive

it's not the goodest it's one of the goodest recordings



Aecvlis Aumquinouxytrocvliz

German mastering engineer work ;)


Exactly my thoughts...

Dean Mindock

This is a classic already. Great recording.

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