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Night Stalker
Altitude Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Night Stalker' by these artists:

Enthroned [Lead: Nornagest] Sunset night's gloom falls on folorlorn…
Guillotine All dressed in black, I'm searching for victims Don't follow…
Hades See the child, pentagram in hand There's nothing that can st…
Macabre He will get you in the night Then he'll take away…
Stormwitch It's midnight, a night-owl is howling on a withering tree …
Super Heroines it ticks way deep below this urge this feeling fascinates my…
Useless ID Wake up my friend, Get ready for a night of…
White Wizzard Stealth and possessed he stalks the night Blade is polished…
Wolf I walk alone in a crowded street A sneaking lonesome stalke…

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Comments from YouTube:


Fantastic tune. The Chris Raven Mix is the one for me however.

Rash Joomun

Huge melodic trancer


I have Oakie to thank for bringing me here


The real Progressive Trance: ALTITUDE IS A LEGEND

Graham Rawlinson

Super dooper. Awesome atmospheric prog trancer.

Abhay Rana

if anybody has BUNKER - DESCENT unmixed, please put it up for the masses to enjoy! Oakenfold's Travelling was stellar


@acadm yo, I have it on my SimonOverdose channel tc

Eduardo Serrano

Because no one votes more on this issue, ... maybe nobody appreciates the real music ... At last this song I listen to, this song is on a TDK cassette, I feel the theme through my veins, the beat of Electronic music .... Here reflected .. Thanks to the Yotuber Nick Cassidy. Good topic.

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