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What a Feeling
Alyssa Milano Lyrics

I had no reason to believe in love
I never ever saw the stars above
My world was empty and cold
Never had somebody to hold
I was alone and drifting out to sea
I needed someone who could rescue me
I couldn't find my own way
Couldn't tell the night from the day

The one day you appeared just like a dream
And now I know what happiness can mean

* So glad you came into my life - What a feeling
I thank the stars for all the love we're sharing
So glad you came into my life - What a feeling
I never dreamed I'd find a love like yours and mine

I was afraid and just too blind to see
I never thought that love was meant for me
I couldn't let it begin
Didn't think that I'd ever win
I had no dreams - I had no fantasy
My heart was always under lock and key
I couldn't let myself go
Now it seems so long ago

And now my life is better every day
I never knew that love could feel this way

* Repeat

I'm hoping that it's not just my imagination
I'm praying that it's not just your infatuation
And now my life is better every day
I never knew that love could feel this way
Hey hey

* Repeat

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Alan Desalle

Original opening lyrics:
I'm so glad you came into my life
Now the dark lord has a human host
Drink drink drink the blood of the devil!!
Evil is good like a happy meal except the meat is from discarded human flesh
I'm so glad you came into my life!
Eat! Drink! Blood!! Ha! Ha!
Rejoice in darkness!!
I love puppies and rainbows.


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It's not the greatest thing I've ever heard, but it is really addictive!! I really actually like it...a lot!!😊💞😊

Luka Vuletic


Surah Online

My obsession with this song is crazy! I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!! 💖😘😘💕❤️❤️ All Alyssa's songs are great and so catchy! I have them all on my iPod ❤️😘💖💕xxxxxxx

Who Cares?

@Missy Glitter Vlogs so u were born may 1973?
I was may 1976

Missy Glitter Vlogs

Surah Online they are very uplifting too! She’s so adorable! She is also 5 months older then me!

BlackMetal Warrior

+Surah Online.
She just gorgeous.
And I love her so much.

Alden R. Davis

Still loving and listening to this in 2020 with the awesome old school music power of MTV.. Alyssa Milano rocks!

Alden R. Davis

Still loving this in 2019 ❤️🎤🎼🎵🎧👍✌🏿⭐️✨

Missy Glitter Vlogs

Her baby brother is so precious here! She’s a sweet big sister! She looks gorgeous in this video!


I love her! My daughter is named after alyssa!❤

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