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Mool Mantra
Amrit Kirtan Lyrics

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OoooOooo yeah

I kept the flowers, the candy, the letter that you wrote to me
And I laughed a long time
As it all went up in smokes
It was funny

See I don't care
No I don't care
Cus you don't care
So I don't care anymoreee

It was eaaaaaaa-sy
Easy to love me
But you didn't wanna try
So it was eeasssss-sy
Easy to leave you
Good bye I got all your messages on my phone
And the texts as well
I will be changing my number tomorrow
And my email

Because I don't care (don't matter what you try to say)
No I don't care (don't you realise it's too late)
Cus you didn't care then so why should I care now
See you around

It was eeeasssss-sy
Easy to love me
But you didn't wanna try
So it was eeassss-sy
Easy to leave you
Good-bye Said I remember
How much I cried (mmm.)
Inside a part of me died
Oh. what would it matter to you?
It was the part of me that gave a damn about your lie

Shoulda been easy ...ooh.
Easy to love me

It was eeeasssss-sy
Easy to love me
But you didn't wanna try
So it was eeassss-sy
Easy to leave you
Good-bye [x3

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Kta Tllo

EK ONG KAR: El Ser es Uno

SAT NAM: Su nombre es Verdad

KARTA PURKH: Creador del Universo

NIRABHO, NIRVAIR: Más allá del miedo, más allá de la venganza

AKAL MURAT, AJUNI: Más allá de la muerte, no nacido

SAIBHANG: Existe por si mismo

GUR PRASSAD: Por la gracia de la Sabiduría

(JAP) (Medita)

AD SACH Verdad en el principio

JUGAD SACH Verdad en todas las eras

HEBI SACH Verdad incluso ahora

NANAK HOSI BI SACH Nanak dice que la verdad siempre será

Fombini Inc.

Incredible. Please like this comment to keep it first. Here is the correct transliteration:

kk ōankār sat(i)-nām(u)
kartā purakh(u)
nirpà'u nirver(u)
akāl mūrat(i)
ajūnī sepàŋ

॥ jap(u)॥
ād(i) sach(u)
jugād(i) sach(u)॥
he pì sach(u)॥
nānak hōsī pì sach(u)॥1॥

And translation:

One creator, name is truth,
agentive (doer) being,
without fear, without hatred,
timeless form,
unbegotten, self-existent,
known by the Guru's grace.

True at the beginning,
true through the ages,
is yet true,
O Nanak, and will be true.

Bye Bye

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Dargaard Wasurenagusa

Под такую музыку уходят проблемы.


This is Mool Mantra from SIKH religion.
It is the defination of Almight God.Reciting this destroys fear,ego,depression,miseries and all the negativity that destroys our lives.You will love everybody unconditionally

TRIGGA the poet

Peace is what i experience right now:)


Sorry but you are wrong...Sikh protect and broadcast mantras, but are not the creators of them.


Es hermoso poder vivir para escuchar esta clase de música. Te lleva a otros lugares de paz y eternidad.

Sandra Roxinol

Quem janeiro de 2021? Vamos vibrar amor, paz, alegria. A Luz de Deus sempre vence. 🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌

Александр Бузулук

Божественное исполнение.

Harvinder Singh Billing

This mool mantra makes me want to fight against the injustice and the poverty in this world, the deaths of the brothers in the past shall not be in vain, as we shall lay the foundation for the future generations, so we can all live in peace.


É um anjo na terra.
Rio de Janeiro

Лара Логинова-Таро


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