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Android Lust Lyrics

I stand corrected
Guess it just wasn't meant to be
I know I'm maladjusted
Crushed what's inside of me
I know of no remedy
I know not how to cease
This feeling of hate in me
I just want to see you bleed
I know what I want
I want to stop seeing red
I know what I want
I just want to see you dead
I don't want your explanation
I really couldn't care less
I've got my own reminder
This scar across my breast
You are a faker any way
Ever up for a quick release
Infect everyone around you
Cover up your own disease
I know what I want
I want to stop seeing red
I know what I want
I just want to see you dead


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Comments from YouTube:

Jane Doe

I still rock this song. It sounds so dope over quality speakers.


One of the greatest female artists in industrial since Kas Product.

We Ed

hell yeahh.

Sheila Mason

Would never have heard of this band if not for Abby Scuto, thanks

Shawn Wright

@Alex Rio Abby Sciuto was a goth forensic scientist in the show 'NCIS'.


@The Sh1ttyGamer Damn you actually saw it, apparently right after I replied too lol. Figured there was no chance in hell...much less almost immediate. But yea np haha.

The Sh1ttyGamer

@Kere thanks for the delayed response, I completely forgot about this lol


@The Sh1ttyGamer Highly doubt 2 years later you'll see this, but im watching the episode now. Flesh-Eating Foundation, Green Satan and Suicide Commando were the other bands.

kelissa grant

you meant Abby Sciuto

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Dante Zavala

everyone seems to have found this song in movies and tv shows.. I didn't find it the ominous sound of her productions found me, I was part of the cyber industrial scene from an early age, I remember going to see a goth show in houston texas with Suicide commando back in 07 or 08 and she was there. when I first heard her voice it was an instant connection and I have been a fan since.

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