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Android Lust Lyrics

I stand corrected
Guess it just wasn't meant to be
I know I'm maladjusted
Crushed what's inside of me
I know of no remedy
I know not how to cease
This feeling of hate in me
I just want to see you bleed
I know what I want
I want to stop seeing red
I know what I want
I just want to see you dead
I don't want your explanation
I really couldn't care less
I've got my own reminder
This scar across my breast
You are a faker any way
Ever up for a quick release
Infect everyone around you
Cover up your own disease
I know what I want
I want to stop seeing red
I know what I want
I just want to see you dead


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Sheila Mason

Would never have heard of this band if not for Abby Scuto, thanks

Shawn Wright

@Alex Rio Abby Sciuto was a goth forensic scientist in the show 'NCIS'.

Alex Rio

Who the heck is Abby Scute?


@The Sh1ttyGamer Damn you actually saw it, apparently right after I replied too lol. Figured there was no chance in hell...much less almost immediate. But yea np haha.

The Sh1ttyGamer

@Kere thanks for the delayed response, I completely forgot about this lol


@The Sh1ttyGamer Highly doubt 2 years later you'll see this, but im watching the episode now. Flesh-Eating Foundation, Green Satan and Suicide Commando were the other bands.

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@defygravity1000 "but You love android Lust ducky!" "not today abby." xD

My Name Is Hello

Haha came here from NCIS :D

Red Lion

This song reminds me of that episode in NCIS when Ari took over autopsy. This song creeps me out a little bit when I think about it.

Jason Groves


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