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Angel of Darkness
Andy James Lyrics

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Cole Rolland

I've probably watched this upwards of 50 times in the past week haha. Andy, you are a god!

Isaiah Grandt

Love your work mr.Rolland


Being somewhat of a guitar player myself, I must say but one thing: everybody comparing Andy to other players, needs to wake up and realize how clean his playing actually is. No sloppiness, hands perfectly syncronized, long alternate pick runs, excellent note choice and modern approach to the guitar.
He's one of the iconic players of this decade for sure.
(I know, maybe Petrucci is even cleaner, Gilbert more creative and Batio faster, but you get my point).


SomethinWild bro, i love the three guys you mentioned and i listened to all of them many many years before i fell upon andy, but this guy is strait up a monster. His lick and pattern choices are stupid awesome haha.


whats the comparison anyways😑, he's so damn good.

Stewart Love

SomethinWild somebody who gets it. I salute you sir.


Does he ever play with the bridge pickup?

R Manor

His backing tracks are using the bridge pickup. Depends on the technique in use and certain parts throughout.

Daniel Bonilla

+christian larsson I don't really see it that way. i saw a video of Alexi Laiho and George Lynch where they discussed that and one of them said that it had to do with Feedback, not the screech, but how you react to your own playing. Also, Neck pickups are more true to what you play. The nearer you are to the center of the string, the less harmonics you get, and have a tone that is more pure.

christian larsson

Yep, you can get away with picking slightly lightervand still get good 'attack' in the sound

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