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Angel of Darkness
Andy James Lyrics

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Does he ever play with the bridge pickup?

Daniel Bonilla

+christian larsson I don't really see it that way. i saw a video of Alexi Laiho and George Lynch where they discussed that and one of them said that it had to do with Feedback, not the screech, but how you react to your own playing. Also, Neck pickups are more true to what you play. The nearer you are to the center of the string, the less harmonics you get, and have a tone that is more pure.

christian larsson

Yep, you can get away with picking slightly lightervand still get good 'attack' in the sound


@christian larsson  It does seem to make me play  better  for some reason.  I love picking with that pu more than the bridge and maybe it's due to my lack of monster picking skills.  I'm just average ref picking and I can pick  okay but the neck pu is so ooowy and I'm not so sure part of it isn't the sound making me pick differently too.

christian larsson

It's a good tip btw, if you gonna play something fast and aren't 100% confident you'll pull it off perfectly, switch to the neck PU and get a bit of extra help

christian larsson

I'm thinking it's the lack of highs, the bassy sounds makes it much less defined, blurry fast and 'cool' sounding

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DJ Ray

Entire Universe - Andy James

Cole Rolland

I've probably watched this upwards of 50 times in the past week haha. Andy, you are a god!


Doesn't matter how unimpressed one may be. To do what he does takes years of dedication


Giiggle talent can’t be learned

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