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Electric Gypsy
Andy Timmons Lyrics

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Comics Great Watcher _

I actually feel a bit bad for anyone who'd thumbs down this...they probably need a hug/ :)

albert rodriguez

Thank you 👣🎸🕶🤙

Truthful Robot

They need a new set of ears lol

Yoshi_ TK

Maybe they just looked at screen upside-down.

Rich Bailey

No no hug needed...As a guitarist I agree that he is a good player. This video gets boring after a while. Playing scales and riffs at 100 miles an hour really isn't music.


that's so nicely put and kind!

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Hasbi Ash Shiddiqi

Anyone in 2020?

Fawexx Lung

no. nobody.... these fucking attention whore comments.

Roy Simpson

Here I am.

Hasbi Ash Shiddiqi


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