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Anek Lyrics

It was late that night that I was running out
From my destiny
I was lost in darkness of an autumn day
And thought to eternity
And I was looking for, I was looking for
The right way to escape
From this prison inside me, that I leave behind me
As the memory of that crate

It's blind
It's blind
It's blind
My love for you

While the time, was flying away
From this fatality
One voice sayd to me, carry on go away!
From hell to reality
And the leaves and the stars
Are shining in the night
They guide me to the light
My heart and my mood at last found a peace
I need inside myself

It's blind
It's blind
It's blind
My love for you

I've finally opened my mind
This love will triumph over evil

It's blind
It's blind
It's blind
My love for you

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Comments from YouTube:


Gosh, I totally love it! Well done guys! Keep it up because it's utterly amazing, seriously! ;-)


This song is going to be my new favourite song. It is soo perfect and I can`t stop listening to it. Keep the good work!! Wish you all the best (: Greets from Germany .


AWESOME video!!! I have been waiting for this for months now. You guys are extremely talented and I know you will be a success. Can't wait for your album to be released. I will paste this link to my Facebook and Twitter and hopefully give you some additional free advertising. Keep up the EXCELLENT work. Lots of love from Barbados.


Great Job guys!! Love your music!


I LOVE this song!! I waited SOO long for the full version hehehehehe

Michasia Maleta

this song is...brilliant!!! I love it!!!


i love this song so much and i have to listen to it al least every week


Thank You Lord, For Giving Us Anek and Their Wonderful Music.


omg i love this song!! i heard it and i just loved it immediately!


Awesome! I love it!

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