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Seven Days Seven Seconds
by Angelo Milli

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See I think critics we gave this movie a bad review was a bad critic, I mean how could you say this movie failed as a whole? Are you completely stupid? Have you never seen a movie before?

Teriyana Shelton

I cry every time. Beautiful movie


To be honest, this move really makes me start to think if I should donate my organs after I'm dead.

Dread Steel

what do you need your organs for after you're dead ?

Jakub Celý

The most beautiful movie and music.

Marquise Turnbull

The only movie I ever even glazed over in. Thank you Will Smith for a stellar performance.


Will Smith's masterpiece movie

Akhenaten Ra

the best movie ever........ the best song ever

Deathstorm Gaming

my personal opinion its the only movie that i have ever watched that was very sad...great movie will

Uchiha Sasuke

1:18 tears in my eyes

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