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I'm Waiting for my Banshee
Animal Collective v. The Beach Boys Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Animal Collective v. The Beach Boys:

All I Wanna Do All I want to do Is always bring good to you To…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


(A message to my current self for my future self to look back at and possibly feel nostalgic to)
Panera Bread
Closing To Do List (Cashier)

·clean bread counters
·clean bagel slicer
·clean bread slicer
·take out trash
·take dishes to dishwasher:
~cutting board
~pastry matts
~cookie plates
·bag bagels
·bag breads
·box and bag pastries

Maybe these are the golden days, and I just don't know it yet...

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i'm glad i gave this band a chance.


i think i understand what falling in love sounds like now


Do you ever click on a video for a song just to read the comments so you that this song is actually real and not just some surreal trance-like experience only you had.

Corry Tuskey

Ever spend half a day after an acid trip looking for the color version of a music video you saw only to realize there never was a color version?


This song is like swimming underwater. the sounds used are like muffled and distant. but the beat is still gripping. really amazing music.

Doob Rikter

AC described the idea for this entire album as being If they were playing a concert submerged in a lagoon. So you hit it right on the head my friend!

Sensei Aishitemasu

This is a really beautiful song

steph anie!

It really is

steph anie!

@lewis bush oh shut up we knew what they meant

lewis bush

Sensei Aishitemasu *this really is a beautiful song.

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