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Anna Ash Lyrics

You don't have to prove
Your manhood to me constantly
I know you're the man can't you see
I love you Righteously

Why you wanna dis' me
After the way you been kissin' me
After those pretty things you said
And the love we made today

When you run your hand all up
And run it back down my leg
Get excited and bite my neck
Get me all worked up like that

Think this through
I laid it down for you everytime
Respect me I'll give you what's mine
You're entirely way too fine

Arms around my waist
You get a taste of how good this can be
Be the man you are tenderly
Stand up for me

Flirt with me
Don't keep hurtin' me
Don't cause me pain
Be my lover don't play no game
Just play me John Coltrane

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Comments from YouTube:

Jerry De La Cruz


Roy Szweda

"Just play me John Coltrane..." A sinuously lovely toon!

Richard K

Stunning. Her voice fits this song so well.

s p i r i t u a l e y e s

love the guitar and vocal style. groovy af.

Purificación Rodríguez Campaña

Vengo por @ciscogarve 🙊❤

Showell Blades

really like it.....comments on lucinda's brought me here....good stuff.


I love this

Gerwyn Evans

This is really good but unlike Lucinda Williams' version it wears a condom.

Giorgos Tzanakis

Meh, your opinion

Gerwyn Evans

@James Shelton 👍🏻

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