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Passacaglia Op. 1
Anton Webern Lyrics

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I often wonder what drove him to have written this masterpiece.

Patrick Becker

Practice I guess: There are many 20-th c. composers on the edge toward free atonality or (total) serialism who turned toward passacaglias as models.

Béton Brut

0:58 There is a transposing mistake in the performance, at the trumpet part.
IT IS SACRILEGIOUS! Why has nobody pointed it out in almost entire four years??

Béton Brut

@Qerftg Shlll yes


@Béton Brut Thank you. It appears that you were right after all.

Béton Brut

@Gelabque Here is the manuscript, and is also very same to the editions i have stated earlier...


@Béton Brut I wonder what the manuscript said

Béton Brut

@Gelabque because THERE ARE ONLY TWO EDITIONS as far as i know: authorized Universal edition and a pirated Muzyka edition, which BOTH OF THEM requires the trumpet in Bb which sounds Major 2nd lower. But ONLY IN THIS PERFORMANCE, the trumpet player played AS IF THE SCORE/PART IS IN CONCERT PITCH.

and sorrowfully, ONLY THIS PASSAGE, where the TRUMPET SHOULD SHINE THE MOST is wrong...
so yea, im pretty sure this PERFORMANCE is wrong.

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Fantastic performance, catches the drama wonderfully. A real magic carpet ride....


This is absolutely beautiful! 😍

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