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The King of The Highlands
Antti Martikainen Lyrics

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@Sarah No culture? No roots?

After over 200 years.. You claim we have no culture to call our own?
No music solely dedicated to our culture?
Try some classics like
Battle Hyme of The Republic
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Or how about..
Oh I don't know...
ALL MODERN ROCK AND ROLL (Nashville-Tennesse says you're welcome for the Rock)

We do have a culture. Its called American culture.

Just as I would call Irish culture.. Well, Irish Culture.


@Asatru American All the western slavic tribes were on the begining called Wends, Vinds or even Vandals because lived on the territories on which earlier lived germanic tribe Vandals (however there are theories that Vandals were not germanic but proto-slavic tribes).
Before the 10th century part of them formed new european states and early nations of Bohemians and Poles what was the effect of christianisation of their rulers while the rest which was living between the rivers Elbe/Łaba and Oder/Odra remained pagan until their final conquest by all their neighbours: Germans, Danes and Poles.
For many centuries the wendish tribes were able to scucesfuly resist all the attempts of conquests and christianisation attempted by neighbouring states until the 13th century when their own civil wars made them unable to defend themselves anymore.

The Wends were eager raiders who were the nightmare to all their neighbours especially to Germans and Scandinavians, to less extent to the Poles with whom the shared both language, customs and for long also the same religion. They were also making alliances with all their enemies against other enemies (with Germans against Poles, with Danes against Germans, with Poles against Germans, with Poles against Czechs, with Czechs against Poles, with Czechs against Germans).

Their tribes were sometimes forming federations and confederations which acted together but usually when one of the tribes was winning dominating position in their federation the rest was revolting against it and this what could have ended in the formation of new state and new european nation was ending in bloody civil war.

It looks like that Wends were neglecting agriculture and because of that were forced to raid their neighbours both on land and on the sea for plunder. In fact they have dominated baltic sea and their wendish long boats were looking for the Scandinavian vikings returning home with boats full of loots and slaves. If it wasnt enough they were also raiding Denmark and Sweden to such extent that many areas on the scandinavian shores were completelly depopulated. For long time the whole baltic sea was called Wendish Sea or Rugian Sea (Mare Rugianorum) after pirate slavic tribe of Rugii who lived on the island Rugen.
For the Wends the good leader was a such who was sucesfuly plundering other countries. Chronicler Saxo Grammaticus complained about Wendish pirates raiding Denmark and for long time to the Danes the good king was a such who could have defend the country from Wendish raids.
When the Wends couldnt find better loot they were taking prisoners into slavery and selling such slaves on their own but also foreign markets (eg. Truso, Hedeby, Birka). Slavs also burned few times hamburg and upsala also konungrahela

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Grouchy Max

This music makes me feel proud of my celtic Heritage, which is curious since I'm Italian...

Jerry Boden



Ehh, go ahead, plenty of Celtic lands are former Roman provinces too.


Im backwards fromu m8

Jerry Boden

Everybody knows who's boss here.

JukeStar of Twilight

I'm fanco aka French mostly mix of lots of things and I also feel the strong pull to them

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I am Japanese, but this
When you listen to the song, the story of a different world or medieval style fits perfectly.
It's so magnificent and exciting.

Jerry Boden

You must be our Ainu brethren.

Taylor Ahern

@Schuyler Lögthorpe The European Samurai indeed💯👍

Taylor Ahern

@Schuyler Lögthorpe ❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍

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