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Out of the night
by Apollo Ra

Now alone was a small child
Much different from the rest
Tortured by the scenes of night
To demons & to witches
All he loved would fall prey
With his eyes closed he would fight

Out of the night
He ran
Out of the night
He ran

Now walking in a cold sweat
He laid & cried in fear
Again a night of torment had begun
Plagued by evil visions
Summoned by the dark
Leaving only with the sun

Darkness & pain
Why should they occur at the
Same time to torment
The mind of a child
In a dream none but he understands
What it means in this world
He had done nothing yet
To deserve the evil nightmares

It's over
The sun shines
Through bright in the sky
The morning has come
A small boy
With tears still forming in his eyes
Wonders why he is plagued
With the vision of pain

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