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Christopher Derrell

For anyone who needed the extra steps to add to Git Bash, there are 2 steps to it.
1. Navigate to your .meteor folder, found (on Windows) at "C:\Users\(YOURUSERNAME)\AppData\Local\.meteor"
2. Create a bash script entitled "meteor" (with no file ext.) and paste the following inside :
#! /bin/sh
cmd //c "$0.bat" "$@" '

Or, you can run this command while in the folder from terminal: echo -e '#! /bin/sh \ncmd //c "$0.bat" "$@" ' > meteor

Love the tutorials Brad.

Open Heavens

make event a parameter in the function definition, that is -
'submit .add-form' : function(event){
const text=target.text.value;

return false;

Eduardo Hernandez

Any trouble installing Materializecss with an error like "While checking for materialize:materialize@0.100.2:"


meteor remove materialize:materialize
meteor add fourseven:scss
meteor add appworkshop:materialize

more info -

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Traversy Media

Guys I apologize for the loud mechanical keyboard. Im switching back to quiet in the next video

Erfan Huda

well thank you for your video.


do you know every framework lol. you have tutorials for practically everything. I really enjoy your videos keep up the good work

Paul Pulis

nice vids and your keyboard is cool :) Is the 'Accounts' package actually secure? If i recall well you mentioned that whatever lies in the 'client' folder will be visible to the client. The account validation is actually in the client ... so can't anyone just temper with the code from the developer console and skip the whole authentication part? Is the intrinsically secure when you remove the insecure package? Sorry for the too many questions ! Thanks in advance

Yoo Scripts

I'm focusing more when I hear the keyboard strokes

Meme Dispatcher

Hi, would you like to create another app like this one with meteor?maybe something diffenret, that would be great. Its only your video that i found good

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Hailee Miu

Thank you for leaving errors in there. It really helps build the confidence of more novice programmers. Knowing that it doesn't and likely won't be always perfect right off the bat.

iPad Music Hacks

Hey Brad. I am a big fan of your video series. In particular, I find that the 10 real world projects that you did a few years back as part of Eudonix is very thorough. My question: are those tutorials still relevant and will they work on the newer versions of Meteor? Many Thanks for all of your helpful tutorials. Best!

Douglass Hock

Now that you know Meteor, which framework do you recommend for a small/medium sized project? Meteor or MEAN? If MEAN, then do you suggest rolling your own REST api with Express or using LoopBack? You make everything seem approachable (great videos), so your insight on these questions would be appreciated.


There is also Vulcan.js framework based on Meteon, Apollo and React. It looks interesting. Maybe you will make a tutorial/opinion/comparison on that one.

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