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Master key
by Argon

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Hillary Santos

Help with the names and positions

Kain - Leader, rapper, & main dancer.
[1:14 ; 1:58 ; 2:22 ; 2:47 ]
Haneul - Vocalist & rapper.
[0:53 ; 1:52]
Roel - Vocalist.
[0:36 ; 2:58]
Yeoun - Vocalist & dancer.
[0:49 ; 1:02 ; 2:10 ; 2:35]
Gon - Main Vocalist.
[0:29 ; 1:09 ; 2:16 ; 2:53 ]
Jaeun - Rapper & maknae.
[1:38 ; 1:43 ; 2:07]

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Nour mae 노을

I'm in love with them now hhh ,they are really good for real ❤❤

Irish Jenniefer Ceon

Omy gee i love the concept... 💓💓


@Gia Mc.Cartney Not to be offense, but why does anyone need to know you're an A.R.M.Y

Touch me tease me Feel me up

Thanks this helped a lot 🤗🤗

Kpoptrash._. Fangirl

Hillary Santos Thank you for this! I was wondering who was @0:29 😍

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Zachary Barnett

Whoever produced this song definitely needs to give them better mics or just flesh out their voices better behind the computer because it doesn’t sound completely studio quality. It kinda sounds like an iPhone mic in some spots, that’s my only criticism.

BTSTaekook StanImallexx

Their voices sound fine?

Blairwrelos 18

Kenya Holt I don't think it's their company dance studio bcoz chungha also some dance practices in this studio

Laura Olejár

bc its fake

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