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In the Loop
by Armando Iannucci

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Comments from YouTube:


Someone should have mentioned to the interviewer that Peter Capaldi has an Oscar.


And a feckin' TARDIS!

Nhia 96

damn peter's fine.

Sandy Quan

Peter and Armando are more in touch with American television than the interviewer.

Oryx Ozymandias

A shame the interviewer knew next to nothing about The Thick of It.

Richard Hillier

Yes Peter has lovely hands.


I find it extraordinary that in this interview, from a channel with such a portentous name, that the camera is wandering all over the place and manages to be frequently soft focused. Also calling Capaldi the lead, claiming there's no political comedy in the USA, and a number of other basic research errors.

For god's sake get three cameras in triple axis: one shooting across each interview subject and one wide: and then leave them alone. You got to interview two wonderful people and almost managed to fuck it up, but then they saved it for you.


I think he's gonna be the best Doctor ever!


 And turned out to be true.

Google Plus Blows Chunks

I would love to see the first cut -- the 4 hour 15 minute -- version.  That would be very interesting. 

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