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Chopin Piano Concerto No.1 in E minor Op.11 Romance
Arthur Rubinstein Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

José Lopes

This is one of greatest masterpieces for all times. The lyricism, the grace and elegance are attributes sublimes. The interpretation of Rubinstein is amazing, the best so far. The sensitivity and technique are unforgettable . Chopin in the two piano concertos (1 and 2) exceeded everything that was produced until today. For me is fabulous music that is not bypassed by anyone. Viva Chopin and his wonderful music. The orchestra and direction are superb. I hear these concertos several times and the interpretations of Rubinstein are incredible, admirable and fabulous. Thanks for this magnificent recording and the true moments of divine pleasure.

Baddie Rat

Totally agreed. I used to have this album and played with record player. now I found it in youtube. but wonder why old performance is way better than current concert.

maite santamaria


Curt Kuhns

I just wanted to say thank you for making this available to me. I’m not trained in music theory and don’t have the musical vocabulary that most of you have. I guess I can say that my school system taught music appreciation and I learned it. I just feel better when I’m listening to music. I’ve explored all genres but always come back to serious music and Chopin. I’ve loved the music of Chopin since I was four years old. I’m 78 now and music continues to nourish my soul.

Curt Kuhns

@Janusz Florczyk thank you for your kind words Janusz.

Janusz Florczyk

Not a musician myself, but im pretty sure all you need to appreciate this music is a kind heart, opened mind and a tender soul. With just that its hard to not be struck by the beauty of such a music like this. Best regards!

Curt Kuhns

@Yulia N Thank you Yulia for taking time to explain things to me. At 78 I don’t think I’m ready to begin training as a classical pianist. I’ll leave that up to you.

Yulia N

Musician myself, classical music can seem to be elitist for many, but one thing is sure : you don't need classical education to be touched by it.

However you could enjoy it so so much more by grasping all the subtilities so to speak of it, if you begin studying classical and practicing an instrument!

Luc Archambault

Souvenir d'écoute de la lointaine enfance. Interprétation insurpassable, indépassable. Faire chanter ainsi Chopin, c'est la seule manière plausible de l'interpréter.

Lizzy Bobadilla Roca

This Concerto reminds me to a great friend. No one better to perform Chopin's masterpeices than Arthur Rubinstein🤩🤩👌👌⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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