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Chopin Piano Concerto No.1 in E minor Op.11 Romance
Arthur Rubinstein Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Ryan Donahue

"...And if I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night."

Robert Elliott

This piece captures all the beauty I have experiences in my 76 years of this life...every beautiful word, deed, sight, and especially...sound. My friends would deny it, but this beauty is so overwhelming I cannot fact I can hardly breath.

Rubens Galli

They called it Romance ... maybe yes, but for me, I am an old Soul and I always spend some time feeling the vibrations of peace and universal love of this wonder and dreaming, in those minutes I don't think about anything other than dreaming ! Ancient souls still dream and with that Divine sound of two Geniuses one who created it and another who interprets it Divinely ... so for me this work is a prayer of praise to the Father and the Universe ... simply a prayer for souls Old ones that don't age!


it is breathtaking , spine tingling and it does render one speechless , you are so right.

Tillie Coetzee

You said it so beautifully


Robert Elliott damn that’s pretty cringe


Rubinstein always have the best interpretation of Chopin... It's like he gets it... the emotion, the reason why Chopin wrote the composition, etc... Hats off!

Jadi Knight

This Song is so Beautiful, every single Time I Hear it, I Get chills and it near brings me to Tears <3

Luke Dewey

I hope this song has stayed close to you.

Expose The Luciferian Agenda

This is the Concerto that started it all for me with Chopin, it was love at first sight........The day that I saw The Truman Show.........

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