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Arti Tisi Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'GHETTO EYES' by these artists:

Playa Fly [Fly talking] Exactly ya South Sucka Take to much ah this bu…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Arti Tisi:

A Little Too Early Look into my eyes and tease me What am i supposed…

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Comments from YouTube:

cheeto puff

Imagine how famous this would be, if she let that song out in 2020.

Peter Pan

@Nurul Wajihah beat is okay 2020 beats sound like diarrhea

Grit Makaveli

This song was huge when it came out lol.

blowdat kush

@J LionG you stupid as fuck.

Nurul Wajihah

Im sorry but i have to disagree with you respectfully on that opinion, this beat does sounds like its from that year. It wouldnt make it in 2020

Yary Baez

Idk I was a teen when this song came out and it was pretty big than so 🤷🏻‍♀️

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The lyrics for this song are actually really clever. Shame we never got to see more from Kreayshawn, she has/had a ton of potential.


@Javier Vega learn to spell freak

Bad News Bears

@Collective you dickeating she actually had a few bars throughout song stop hatin

Sean Glennon


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