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Soles of Your Shoes
Artur Dyjecinski Lyrics

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Leapold Stotch

This album was every car journey as a kid , thanks Dad

Vicky Lawless-Mitchell

Oh my god - this!!!

Vicky Lawless-Mitchell

Oh my god - this xxx

Bea Earth

My kids also remember it. 😂❤️

firestar gaming

Strangely enough mine too. My mom's side of the family loved this kind of music. All the Beatles, bob marley, taj mahal, all that

Nathan Zechar

Wow. Same here.

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Shaunese S.

I remember hearing Graceland at the age of 14. My mom would play that album all of the time. As a african american at that age I was so taken by his respectful incorporation of african tongues into his songs. My mom would play music by Ladysmith Black Mambazo so when I heard them on this album I developed such a profound respect for Paul Simon, as an Artist and his ability to tell a story within the song. I lost my MIND when I saw him in concert one summer in Columbia Maryland (can't remember the year). I play Paul Simon any time my soul needs to rest from aggravation, while painting, or just to be in a sublime mood. Thank you Mr. Simon.


my Dad played Paul Simon too and I appreciated it as a suburban white kid


I still love this record. But hearing the true story behind it made me loose respect for Paul Simon.. and gain a great deal more respect for "Little Steven" Van Zandt (of Bruce Springsteen's band at the time, now more known as an actor).

Dirk Bester

I grew up in Ladysmith so I approve of this message. But like you don't need to be "respectful", we are all humans, culture belongs to all of us, no questions asked. Respect is polite of course.

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