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Spiegel im Spiegel
Arvo Pärt Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Arvo Pärt:

Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten (Instrumental)…
De Profundis De profundis clamavi ad te Domine Domine exaudi vocem meam f…
Es sang vor langen Jahren Es sang vor langen Jahren (Clemens Maria Brentano) Es sang …
Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus. Dominus deus Sabaoth. P…

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To me, this evokes images of somehow being able to travel thousands of miles and enter my beautiful but war-torn country of Syria, traversing invincibly through the bullets, shells, rubble, and bodies to reach my childhood home, and the long demolished house of my grandmother, in a world where she is somehow alive again, in a world when I can still smell the beautiful aroma of her jasmine tree and her morning coffee, and hear the wind whistle through her tree-filled backyard in the star-filled night sky. Embarking on this journey through time is impossible except in my dreams, as I keep waking up to the realization that things have changed. They always do...

This piece simply but perfectly portrays the mystical realization, through an out-of-body experience, of somehow glancing at your own physical being as well as your surroundings and the whole world, with an almost impossible paradoxical dichotomy of simultaneous attachment and detachment. That beautiful dichotomy state that draws you to observe, through a bird's eye view, the oddly sad irony of our world's randomness, makes you also deeply appreciate the ephemeral nature life as a whole, the briefness of episodes in our lives of that we thought will never end, the transient physical being, and the omnipresence of what is left behind, after we are physically gone...

You can be a believer in a supreme being and believe that, after we depart our physical bodies, we will be ultimately souls that will traverse our boundless universe on a trip to the heavens, like a feather that the wind carries far away. You can also be a skeptic and believe that we are but atoms that will someday become part of a tree or otherwise aimlessly travel the deep ends of space on a haphazard quest to a planet far away, where we will be part of a new physical body in an alien world.

That dichotomy leads to other dichotomies, those of hope and despair, those of fear and comfort, those begging to know the whys of the complexity of being human and those realizing that being human is simply about living in voluntary and involuntary dichotomies, after all. Amid all the randomness emerges a common theme, that of entropy and the constancy of change. It makes me peacefully cope with the fact that I will likely no longer be able to enjoy those poignant evenings at my family's peaceful summer house, which is now illegally occupied by foreign fighters and their families. It makes me more steadfast in planting my roots and leaving my footprints all over again, in a different place, at a different time, never looking back for fear of crying.

Only a genius like Arvo Pärt can take you on this trip through the powerful simplicity of his piano notes. And only a transformative artist can make one piece mean something different to each of us.

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Greenred Productions - Relaxing Music

Simple and impressive example of minimalism by a true master!

lilly rivera

Yes is true

Eliza Tozaru

@Ronan Deniel qq1

Ronan Deniel


J Walters

I work at a coffee shop. We usually play jazz and folk music throughout the day. One day, after I told everyone that we were closing up and that they had to go, I put on this song. Everone shuffled out the door and there was only one woman left. She was cleaning up a stack of papers that she was reading and she told me she would be on her way out. I told her to take her time. As I was counting the till she came up to the counter and asked if she could stay until this song was over. I told her that would be fine. Ten minutes later she came up to the counter, with small tears on her cheeks and said, "Thank you, I needed that." I've always felt a profound attachment to this song. A kind of solace, a place to go to think; just about anything. I still wonder what was going on inside of her listening to this. It seemed important. More important than what goes on inside of me while listening to this, although both are puzzling. I still keep coming back to this song trying to figure out what it's all about.

Philippe Van den Sande

You might have looked God straight in the eye that day, answering there was a guest room and she could stay. Luke 2:7


I could be that woman

Connie Terluin - van Assen

It's not a song. It's a piece.. Also when you see the sheet music you can see that the notes are mirrored (spiegel means mirror)

Marianna Tafuri


emily meg

Don't worry. You know what it's all about.

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