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Grey Light Sibling
by Ascension

Enshrined in darkened labyrinths
Surrounded by lethal light
Dreaming, undead, seeing none
Blindly moving towards a fixed sun
Poisoned by the love of god
In his golden cellars you rot
The dreamwinds of an apparent eden
Call for no resistance

You have learned how to breath
Now learn how to lie
You can not as you want?
You will not as you could!
The chains that lay around your neck
Are too heavy to resist
Resist to struggle
The chains of life
Will you do as you believe?
When flesh swallows dreams
When the lie suffocates your breath
You manifest

I reveal you
I welcome you
From the depths of my heart I detest you
Oh aplha almighty
A thousand wounds to heal
Alpha almighty
A thousand hearts to steal

Grey light surrounds your mundane halo
No fire to be seen
Sacred keeper of the kosmik order
Bow your head in shame
Your tongue tells no truth
Your skin never touched fire
Your ears never heard the voice
Of the One to aspire

I reveal you
I welcome you
From the depths of my heart I despise you
Guardian of their prisons
Seven skies so blue
I reveal you
I welcome you
In grey mirrors
I am you

Contributed by Isabelle F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Dean Ellis

Badass song. Ordered the album as soon as I heard it. It’s shame Ascension isn’t bigger. They’re put out three great records, with the last one being the weakest but still a solid death metal record.

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